is a universal spatial hologram which accumulates energy through a mentally energized symbol. This talisman affects the space with protective, healing and developing properties. It has a 15-meter spheric radius efficiency. It brings about the harmonization of all energies in a given space as well as an optimal Feng Shui treatment. It provides complete protection from geopatological, negative, cosmic and abstract radiations (spells, negative thoughts and emotions that other people have about us and many other similar negative energies). It reduces the effect of technical radiations up to 70%. It is conducive to the improvement of psychophysical health by optimizing the function of nervous and immune systems, the elimination of stress-related conditions, energy balance in the aura and body and the harmonization of the mental state and relations with others. An energized info glass coaster enables organism detoxication by enhancement of osmosis in the body.


Info glass coaster enables energized and visual water informing, namely the creation of hado-water (water that has received positive energy). It is sufficient to keep a glass of water on the info coaster for three minutes, and it will receive the programs constituted within the coaster, and will eventually be informed. In this manner water transports programs (information) to every single cell in the human organism. The appearance and dimensions of an info glass coaster are constructed on the principles of Feng Shui feet (as measurement) and their symbolic meanings and they  generate energy which applies to all six aspects of happiness.

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