The design of energy in space

Everyday exposure to geopatological, negative cosmic, abstract and technical radiation, then stressful situations and the multitude of negatives that are manifested in a variety of shapes and forms in our environment, can lead to a distortion of psychological and physical health and dysfunction of the nervous and immune systems. Only when we are faced with the consequences of these impacts, we become aware of how our environment is important for the proper functioning of ourselves. The only correct principle of treatments of various negatives that surround us is the elimination of the causes that led to some disbalances. Practicing Feng Shui and desining energy in space creates important preconditions for harmonization of energy in the space in which we stay, live or work.

The world we live in is made of energy. The space in which we stay and we live can be experienced as an extension of ourselves. By optimizing the energy in it, we create the conditions for our own optimal functioning.

Basic services are:

  • Feng Shui interior decoration (going to terrain, fundamental analysis, project development)
  • energizing objects
  • Design of energy in space

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