Choose the best energy for yourself, your family and associates

Consultations are carried out on the basis of classic methods of traditional Feng Shui and include spatial Feng Shui, BaZi, Xuan Kong and other systems depending on the need.



This type of consultation includes a detailed Feng Shui analysis at home. The date of birth of all households is required for the analysis. The consultation is an assessment of the quality of Feng Shui property, with recommendations for the client regarding the arrangement, improvement and balancing of Feng Shui assets that support family analysis in the present and future ventures.

The analysis takes into account the following factors:

  • the environment (environmental shapes and their structure),
  • the design of the building, the influence of the directorate,
  • the life energy of the household and their aspects,

and the analysis itself can be directed to specific areas starting with family fund and health, up to his career.


Before purchasing a property, it is advisable to do an evaluation of  Feng Shui to find a suitable property for you and your family. Some homes have a good Feng Shui, but some do not have it and require additional investment in order to cure the space and become supportive of our living goals and needs.

By evaluating the property before buying, you can find out whether or not some real estate is suitable for you and how much more investment is needed to optimize energy in space.After using the Xuan Kong Feng Shui or Flying Stars, the quality of real estate property is determined for a certain period of time and the impact of real estate on the health, career, harmony, academic achievements and many other plans of potential households is estimated.


The best time to evaluate Feng Shui real estate is BEFORE its construction. If you are considering building a new home, new building, or other real estate, it would be ideal to include Feng Shui at an early stage prior to construction, which is an important investment.

The assessment can help with the positioning of the main entrance doors, the kitchen, the bedroom and other rooms. Also, you get a schedule of energy in space and time, based on which you can determine the functions in the space and maximize the energy potentials that the space offers.



Different activities require different types of Feng Shui arrangements and solutions. Monitoring the distribution of energy in the space and their activation and control in accordance with the activity in the area is influenced by different aspects of the business.
In the business area, it is necessary to correctly set the door, determine the flow of clients, set up the cash register and the office of the owner or manager so that Feng Shui supports the business goals.
The assessment includes an annual operating guide on the impact of energy on business, which allows you to monitor and take advantage of favorable periods and mitigate the adverse effects.


When it is about corporate Feng Shui it is essential to set up key staff and key members, ie selecting their offices. The atmosphere between employees and the relationship with the superiors is very important for business.

It is most important for the client to know what the impact of energy is in the current year, in order to take advantage of good aspects and reduce bad business Feng Shui must always be tailored to the mission of the company and must be supported by this mission.


One of the most important aspects for Feng Shui Shopping Centers is the flow of water, but it does not only apply to physical water, but to the entire Qi-flow (energy flow) that represents the entrances, exits and traffic itself (movement and flows) in the mall.The key factors for regulating the Feng Shui shopping center are the setting up of key outlets, management offices, information points, landmarks, gateways and main entrance.
Creating a Comprehensive Qi aims to collect Qi from the outside environment, which should then be allowed to circulate freely in a mall, so that each retail unit benefits from that flow. The prosperity of the mall depends on the vitality of the energy that visitors feel when visiting this place.


For Feng Shui restaurants and cafes, it is important to carefully position the entrance and exit, the main bar and the cash register, but the most important thing is where the kitchen and stoves are located.

The goal of Feng Shui restaurants and cafes is not only to improve prosperity but to achieve a harmonious relationship between the owner and the chef, while the owner keeps control of the work. The focus of Feng Shui is adjusted to the owner, the head of the kitchen and the manager


It is best to ask for help in deciding if you are in doubt and

  • can not choose a house or office
  • if you are wondering if a real estate can be a harmonious ambience for your family and whether it can bring you luck
  • if you like several real estate, but you do not know which one has the best Feng Shui

Bare in mind that consultation for the selection of real estate is intended to solve such problems. Without entering into detailed analysis and designing projects, an assessment and comparison is made and recommendations are given on the Feng Shui potentials of each individual real estate.

This allows you to consider all available options and make the right choice that supports your needs and ambitions.


Cyclical changes in Qi patterns of environment determine the degree of impact of Feng Shui real estate. The annual Feng Shui Assessment offers the ability to monitor these changes in the current year and helps to maximize the existing potentials and reduce the risks that you are meeting.

Recommendations in the form of placing and removing cures, as well as suggestions about your options or avoiding exposure to certain risks, will help you to take the year in the best possible way.


Each space, as well as a person, keeps information about the events that happened in it in time. This information affects the people and needs to be neutralized, especially if you have purchased a property in which someone lived before you. After that, it is desirable to enrich the space with positive energies related to the protective function, the development function, the harmonization of energy in the space, the optimum operation of Feng Shui, so as bringing energy to the place of power and many others.


BaZi is one of the systems of Chinese metaphysics used to diagnose the potential of a person. It relies on Chinese astrology, but does not intend to predict  the future, but to provide us with an insight into the upcoming FUTURE CHANCES in order to bring the best CHOICES and decision on CHANGE that will lead us to success in life.

Based on BaZi diagnostics, Feng Shui strategy is created. The environment we live in becomes our support on the road to the goal we set ourselves. BaZi allows us to PLANE our life.

  • BaZi consultation – Personal 
  • BaZi Consultation – Business
  • BaZi Consultation – Annual
  • BaZi Consultation – Monthly
  • BaZi consultation – Partnership relations / Sinastry (per person)
  • BaZi consultation – Health
  • BaZi consultation – for the youngest (talents and guidance)
  • BaZi consultation – Optional



  • Feng shui – General analysis (diagnosing)
  • Feng shui – Long-term analysis
  • Feng shui – Short term analysis
    (annual, monthly, daily)
  • Feng shui – Property selection
  • Feng shui – Special Formulas
  • Feng shui – Online consultation
  • Space clearing
  • Making a personal hologram
  • Making a spacious hologram
  • Feng shui – Personalized card
    (Kua number, personalized directions, personalized compass directions and palaces, activation of personal potentials, mapping of personal potentials on the Luo Pan template)
  • BaZi consultation – Personal (profile, structure, potentials)
  • BaZi Consultation – Business
  • BaZi consultation – Annual
  • BaZi consultation – Monthly
  • BaZi consultation – Partnership relations / Sinastria (per person)
  • BaZi consultation – Health
  • BaZi consultation – for the youngest (talents and guidance)
  • BaZi Consultation – Optional
  • Landing 30% of the price of 1 liter of fuel per km

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Feng shui consultations are for a minimum of  50 m2
For larger squares please contact:
Contact D.A. Jelena Dejanovska
mob. 00381 64 1214965

 Online Consultations

Follow Procedure

  • Choose a type of consultation
  • Make a payment with a note in the message
  • After that, we schedule our appointment via email or we continue consulting via Skype depending on the type of consultation
  • Personal Consultations last 45 mins or are in written form of 10 questions
  • For other types of consultations You receive the project or analysis electronically in pdf format

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