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Feng Shui for the bedroom

Rest and relaxation

The bedroom, as the name implies, is a space in a home intended for sleep and rest. The dream of each of us is a bedroom in which we feel comfortable and which exudes harmony and peace.

It is a need to have a room where we can rest for a short nap or meditate, and where we can also have a quality night rest or a place for intimate moments. If we meet this need, we have the ability to accumulate the energy we need for everyday events and activities.

Feng Shui for the bedroom

The best Feng shui in your bedroom

For good Feng shui in the bedroom it is necessary:

  • to determine the room that has the energy quality that suits the person for whom it is intended
  • to ensure the proper position and orientation of the bed
  • to choose the right colors
  • and much more that is the job of an expert

However, there are principles that anyone can apply on their own, which significantly influence the optimization of energy in the bedroom. Let’s call these principles 6 PRACTICAL FENG SHUI TIPS

1.The bed should not be positioned on the door line

The energies coming from the door are powerful and devastating for the sleeper. If there is no other solution, the door should be kept closed during sleep.

2.Leave enough space on either side of the bed to comfortably approach

This is especially important if we do not want a single life. Even though we currently live on our own, it is a good idea to arrange the bedroom for two and thus create the preconditions for living together.

3.No TVs, computers and other appliances in the bedroom!

The bad habit of bringing appliances that offer us entertainment into a bedroom is damaging our health by creating an active energy that is by no means desirable when we want to rest, and the rest itself has a lower quality. Appliance radiation, technical radiation, also has a bad effect on the function of the nervous and immune systems.

4.The mirrors must not be positioned so that they reflect the sleeper

This kind of mirror placement generates strong Jang energy, which is desirable when we want to enhance some activity. However, the bedroom requires Jin energy that is calm and passive. According to the belief of the ancient Chinese, the mirrors placed in this way cause the appearance of other people who can be found between partners. They also cause adultery and other events that disrupt the harmonious relationship between partners.

5.Keep things in pairs

Symbolic emphasis is always welcome. We can use decorative items, pillows, bedside tables, lamps for this purpose. This strengthens our relationship with partner. The ego issue is becoming less significant, leaving room for us not to use Kundalini (sexual) energy to feed the ego, but to strengthen our fellowship.

6.Select positive motives in the pictures

The value of works of art is also reflected in how they affect us.

It is not recommended to decorate the space with pictures that show:

– a lonely girl walking,

– a girl sitting by the lake,

– one horse running in the meadow,

– a young man sitting on a bench waiting for someone,

– depicting some historical battle,

If we have pictures like this in the bedroom then we should not be surprised if we live alone in a mood that is not enviable. The message we created by choosing such motives is obvious.

To change this, we need to choose displays that associate love, style, harmony, passion and happiness.

Bright motives and cheerful colors should be chosen. These are the messages we send to ourselves on a daily basis, and their role is to fill us with strength, beauty and positive energy, and thus provide the perfect place to rest.

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