Choose a date and the right time for the event

Planned life events can bring greater results if they happen at the right time

Jelena Dejanovska, PhD


Chinese metaphysics recognizes moments in an individual’s timeline with more or less potential for a particular type of event for achieving maximum results.

You know those days when you somehow force yourself to do something you’ve put off so long, and you feel like it’s not the best day for it? Or maybe it is? Sometimes you are just not sure if it is the right time for an event.

There are routine jobs and events in every person’s life, but there are also others that happen rarely, and their significance is huge because they can lead to other events and completely change your life.

It is natural that we all want to achieve maximum success when we do something in our lives. However, not all days are favorable for all activities.



Date selection is a BaZi technique for selecting dates for important events. The BaZi Date selection technique assesses the quality of energy and the suitability for starting or realizing an activity. It can also be used for detailed planning of activities that have a longer duration.

What is an important event? 

It depends on the individual, but in most cases it is the wedding date, starting a business, signing a significant contract, moving, moving in, opening a store, divorce or ending a relationship in a peaceful way, creating business communications, increasing popularity, ..

BaZi DATE SELECTION – important event

Choose a date and the right time

In order to achieve something, you first need to decide by yourself what your goal is. What is the reward you expect in the end? It is also advisable to make your own plan and TO DO list. The time frame is an inevitable segment if you are prone to procrastination. Give yourself a deadline. Then follow these STEPS:

• Divide your goal to 30 days (or your time frame)

• specify the steps

• Identify key activities

• set the timing

BaZi DATE SELECTION – step by step

In the next 30 days (or as long as you specify) it is necessary to predict the daily schedule of key activities and their duration in accordance with the steps from your plan. The BaZi Date selection technique allows you to make this schedule in accordance with the energy potential of each day.

You can freely understand the energy potential of the day as an advantage to do something on that day. Is the day auspicious or not?

With proper planning and matching of key activities and potentials of the day, your actions become maximized, and the probability of “missing” favorable energies disappears. It is also possible to determine unfavorable days, so that routine tasks are performed on those days. In this manner you can avoids bad results.

BaZi DATE SELECTION – the right date and time

We can freely say that this is a positive manipulation of time. If you know when is the right time for the right thing you can make your own strategy and expect extraordinary results. As the saying goes, it’s like you got the wind in your back. Navigating through the matrix of life will become fun and most importantly successful.

The BaZi Date selection technique can be combined with the Feng Shui strategy, but it is the next level where double positive manipulation of time and space occurs.

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Jelena Dejanovska, PhD

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