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Mirrors in the bedroom

How mirrors affect health and rest?

What do misplaced mirrors attract?

What are the good positions for mirror placement?

Which positions for mirrors in the bedroom should be avoided?

In order to live a healthy and prosperous life, it is necessary for us to provide ourselves with a proper pace of life. That rhythm involves a good organization of time and schedule of activities throughout the day. Carpe diem (seize the day) – says the Latin proverb.

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Bedroom energy

There is one extremely important segment in everyone’s life that should never be neglected, especially if you have lofty goals and big plans ahead of you. Yes, it’s about resting.

Mirrors in the bedroom Feng shui Dejanovska

In order to have enough energy to reach your goals, it is essential that you re-accumulate new energy every day and prepare yourself for new activities. That is why, from a Feng shui perspective, it is of the utmost importance to have a room in your home that is intended for quality rest and gathering new energy.

Mirrors in the bedroom Feng shui Dejanovska

The bedroom should be part of the space where Jin energy is represented. It is a calm and passive energy that should not encourage you to be active. On the contrary, it is Jin energy that helps you relax and rest.

You can achieve Jin energy in your bedroom by applying 6 PRACTICAL FENG SHUI TIPS FOR BEDROOM.

The meaning, purpose and power of the mirror

The question of the mirror in the bedroom has always been intriguing because most people like to use a mirror to achieve a designer stamp. On the other hand, there are practical reasons, most often the post-dressing mirror and the dressing table as an inevitable piece of furniture for ladies.

Mirrors in the bedroom Feng shui Dejanovska

We cannot say deciduously that mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom, we just need to take care of where we place them.

It is a fact that mirrors according to Feng shui concept of space design have their meaning, purpose and power. Therefore, it is sufficient to follow the following rules to avoid spoiling the Jin character of energy that you have gained by applying the 6 PRACTICAL FENG SHUI TIPS FOR BEDROOM in the Restroom.

The placement of mirrors in the bedroom according to Feng shui

If you want to place mirrors in your bedroom, consider the following:

  • the reflection of the bed should not be seen in the mirror, this is interpreted as invoking and interfering with other people in your marital relationship or as a potential for possible adultery
  • Avoid large areas covered with mirrors such as American closet fronts. The large surface of the mirror generates Jang energy in an amount that is not desirable in the bedroom. Your rest will be disrupted and you will not be able to relax enough. Therefore you will not be able to accumulate enough energy for future activities
  • position the mirror of the dressing table so that it does not reflect bed
  • choose a model of the dressing table where it is possible to fold mirrors when not using the dressing table
  • You can place mirrors on the wall behind your headboard, left and right next to the bed
Mirrors in the bedroom Feng shui Dejanovska
  • You can place mirrors inside the closet, on the inside of the closet door, so that it will be hidden when you close the closet
  • Avoid placing a mirror against the front door of the bedroom unless the distance is large enough or so determined by Feng shui analysis
  • Avoid placing a large mirror on the ceiling above the bed
  • if you do not want or cannot remove the mirror, which is placed incorrectly, you can cover it with a fine cloth while you are sleeping, thus preventing the aforementioned negative manifestations

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