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3D Vizualization

How to quickly arrange, sell or buy property?

3D visualization

How to buy a property in an easier way

Why is it often so difficult to choose the right property and why does home decoration sometimes take too long?

What can we do in order to speed up the sale of real estate and achieve a better price?

How to perceive the living space and bring the best decision about the opportunities offered?  

How to achieve energy balance? …

3D Visualisation of property

3D Visualisation of property

This and many other questions may appear when you begin to deal with real estate, all the same whether you are buying or selling them.

There are various situations in which you admit that the task in front of you is too demanding, complicated and sometimes takes too long. These are the moments when you should leave everything to a specialist who has more experience.

3D visualization is an elegant way of presenting ideas to ourself and to our potential customers. Knowing that a picture is worth about 10 000 words, it is clear how many words we can save with only one  visual display.

3D Visualisation of property kitchen

3D Visualisation of property kitchen

Make a good choice

Consider the example of buying an apartment or house. It is known that the choice of home is very important thing in everyone’s life.

It is rare that the first real estate that you look at is the best! Most often you make a shortlist of real estates and after that you select one using feng shui analysis.

You can use 3D visualization to get a picture of how your future home will look like when it is decorated according to Feng shui principles and when energy balance corresponds with you.

3D Visualisation of property bathroom

3D Visualisation of property bathroom

3D visualization and panoramic view

3D visualization provides a panoramic view of the area of 360 °. There are a variety options of view.

If you review space on the desktop, you can move the image circularly so that you can see all parts of the simulated space. If you use a mobile phone, you will have the impression that you are in the area with the furniture placed around you.

With this tool, you get the ability to fully experience proposed solution and to feel whether it pleases you. Photorealistic contributes to this impression.

The advantages of this technological shift is reflected in the real estate sales.

There is a big difference between an empty apartment with white walls according to this simulation in which exudes harmony and balance.

It is more likely to occur the customer if the property is bundled with visualized solution and offered in that manner. This may also affect the increase in the price of the property.

3D Visualisation of property livingroom

3D Visualisation of property livingroom

Easy decorating and renovating

On the other hand, when decorating or renovating existing properties in this way, it is possible to set the furniture in real dimensions and colors.

It is possible to change the wallpaper or stylize a new kitchen area forward, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises effect because it often happens that what you have in mind is not just so when the works are completed.

In order to eliminate such problems, and again, with the intention of the simplest way to achieve the optimum solution and achieve the goal, I recommend this type of service.

3D Visualisation of property empty flat

3D Visualisation of property empty flat

In this example you can see  the visualization of bedroom in one apartment, Dorcol, Belgrade, Serbia.

There are different functions  in the same room, but they are clearly defined by colors and forms.

The project is fully developed according to Feng shui principles and in accordance with the needs of the energy Spatial Planning.
“The final touch” is not defined, because it depends on the future owner and it will be adjusted to him.

D.A. Jelena Dejanovska