The Energy Triangle

harmonization of energies in human body

The art-work that is in front of you is an instrument by which you can harmonize your personal energy.
It is recommended to use headphones while viewing and listening due to binaural sound.

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The artistic doctoral work The Energy triangle is realized in the form of ambient installation.

It is conceptualized through strictly articulated space created by three displays. Those create an equilateral triangle with the place for the participant in the center of the installation.

The same digital animated film is broadcasted on each display.  Specially designed sound from three speakers is following the film. Speakers are also set to form an equilateral triangle, symmetrically oriented to the triangle of displays.

The elements of the work are sound, movement and picture, the latter encompassing 3D animation and computer graphics.

The Energy Triangle

The Energy Triangle – frame

The work originates from analysis of concepts of different esoteric teachings. A special emphasis and attention is given to the ancient concept of Kundalini tantra, from India.

The Energy Triangle influences the viewer/participant by its predetermined structure and its auditory and visual elements

The intention of the work is to initiate a responsive psychophysical process in viewer exposed to deliberately induced stimuli. This process is called harmonization of energies according to the teachings of energies.

The structural elements of the aforementioned learning are adapted to the medium of digital art.

There is a unique method of performing techniques of Kundalini yoga. I chose it as a model, which can be rhythmicised, graded, varied in order to set in motion a process of harmonization in the person exposed to these stimuli.

Thus constructed work aims to engender acceptance of aesthetic and artistic experience, but also to arouse certain psychological reactions. It depends on the viewer’s sensibilities.